School Sport and Physical Activity

Why we do what we do?

Creative Sports Coaching aim to deliver exciting and challenging sporting activities in schools, supporting children to Learn, Develop and Enjoy sport and physical education in the school environment.

Creative Sports Coaching understands the challenges children and schools face when participating and leading PE. From the lack of training and knowledge, to safely planning and executing a structured lesson, with a lack of pupil engagement and motivation to participate. This can lead to a difficult subject area.

With a passionate and driven coaching team, we want to support the technical, physical and social development of all pupils, providing pathways to opportunities they may not be able to access and helping them to become more confident.

We believe in the potential of all children, and the power of sport to inspire, engage, and educate.

How do we achieve our vision?

We believe that sport can be used as a tool to create a pathway to achieve your goals and create a platform to succeed.

Working with teaching staff we aim to help them to become more confident, gain a better understanding and increase their subject knowledge through 1 to 1 support, pre/post lesson planning and follow up reviews.

Our creative approach within our programmes and when planning our class success criteria, helps us to embed information, challenge those achieving the targets and nurture those on their pathway to succeed

Our creative vision is to;

  • Create a safe and enjoyable space for everyone to enjoy.
  • Create an environment that exposes everyone to learn new skills and promote physical activity.
  • Create programmes that allow everyone the opportunity to grow in confidence whilst improving their social, emotional and physical skills
  • Create ways to develop better understanding, confidence and interest for those involved
  • Create lasting change that will improve and benefit those technically, socially and physically to be better and healthier.


  • Delivery of a full day of PE curriculum lessons (PPA cover, teacher support, planning and assessment)
  • Delivery of half day of PE curriculum lessons (PPA cover, teacher support, planning and assessment)
  • Assist with lunchtime supervision.
  • Delivery extra-Curricular sports participation
  • Support with intra & inter school participation competitions

For more information or to book a school visit please contact [email protected]

Thank you for todays sessions, all the pupils loved them!!! Chalton Lower School